AI Short Names

AI Short Names

It is common for product names to be filled up with lengthy phrases and keywords. 

When it comes to displaying products, these long product names can take up a ton of space. Plus, it makes it harder for audiences to quickly identify what the product is.

This is where AI comes into play.

Using AI, product names can instantly be shortened to be its most relevant, condensed state. This is known as a Short Name.

For example: let's take this Snippet with a long product name.

On the left hand side, you will see the Short Names toggle.

When you toggle the Short Names to on, AI will be used to instantly rewrite the product name to be just a few words.

This will not only save you space, it will also make the product name much easier for you and your audience to read. 

Every time you create or edit a Snippet, you will have the option to continue to use Short Names, or toggle it off for that specific Snippet. 

If you toggle it off, the original, long product name will automatically appear again. 

Next time you come across a long product name, let AI do the work of shortening it for you. 

Try it out for yourself!