Automated & Accurate Product Pricing and Information

Automated & Accurate Product Pricing and Information

It’s one thing to add affiliate offers to your channel such as a website, email, or blog. It’s another thing to keep these affiliate offers up to date and accurate. 

Affiliate product pricing and information are constantly changing. For example, merchants:

  • Run promotions
  • Offer deals
  • Update product information on a daily basis

Keeping up with this is no easy feat. But, it’s an important one. 

Accurate and up to date information helps build trust with your audience. It shows the audience you are offering credible, quality content.  Plus, your audience is more likely to make purchases if they trust the information that you are providing to them. automates the process of maintaining accurate product pricing and information. 

The prices are constantly being refreshed to match the latest pricing that the merchant has provided. 

For example, this Exercise Band is $11.95 on Amazon. This price will be reflected in your snippet.

A few days later, it goes on sale ($9.95).

You don't have to take any action. Your Snippet will automatically update with the new price.

If the merchant updates the product price or information again, your Snippet will also update to reflect these new changes. The product pricing and information on will match the latest data that is provided by each merchant.

Not only does this keep your content accurate, it saves you a ton of time.

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