When using, you will organize and manage all your affiliate offers by creating Channels.

A Channel is any place where you want to publish affiliate offers. This includes your website, blog, app, email, and social media. 

It is recommended to create one Channel for each place you will be adding affiliate offers.

For example, if you have three different websites, you would create three different Channels.

If you have a website, social media account and a newsletter, you would still create three different Channels, one for each.

This allows all your products and Snippets to stay segmented to the Channel they are on.

For example, you can search for basketball products on your basketball Channel, pet products on your pet Channel, or automotive accessories on your cars Channel.

You can also favorite and sort the Channels based on your preference to quickly identify the most relevant ones.

Any settings that you have added to your Team, such as networks and merchants, will automatically be added to all your Channels on that Team.

So, once you've added all your channels, you can begin sourcing, adding, and managing offers for each channel (and start earning)!

Gets started and create your first Channel.