Deep Search

Deep Search

When you search on, the returned results will exclusively show networks/merchants that you have added to your account. This ensures that all of your search results include networks and merchants that you are actively working with.

A Deep Search is a feature that allows you to search beyond your active relationships and discover new merchants. 

How Does a Deep Search Work?

After searching for offers, click on the third Search Action icon. This is the Comparison Set icon.

If the product is being offered at other merchants, these merchants will appear here. The merchants you see are the merchants that you are connected with and have added to your account.

If you are satisfied with the merchants shown, you can simply copy the Comparison Set Snippet and publish it on your Channel.

Let's say you want to see even more merchants and see every merchant that is selling this product. This is where the Deep Search comes in.

The Deep Search will find every merchant at your configured network(s) that is selling that specific product.

For example, you have configured three networks in your settings: Commission Junction US, Impact US, and Flex Offers.

Once you click on Run Deep Search, every merchant at Commission Junction US, Impact US, and Flex Offers that is selling the product you are searching for will be shown. It will also show you which merchant is offering the best deal for the product.

Now, you can choose which merchants you want to include. If you would like to include a merchant you have not yet selected, be sure to first apply through their respective affiliate network and get approval for their program!

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