Multiple Offers Snippets

Multiple Offers Snippets

Snippets on are used to display offers in a clean, engaging format. In addition to product name and image, they can also provide product information, product description, product price, and which merchants are selling the product.

Single Offer Snippets

Snippets can be displayed as a Single Offer Snippet. These types of Snippet include one product from one merchant.

Comparison Set Snippets

Snippets can also be displayed as a Price Comparison Set. These types of Snippets include one product from two or more merchants.

  • To learn more about how to generate Comparison Set Snippets, click here

Snippets can also be displayed as a Multiple Offers Snippet. 

What is a Multiple Offers Snippet? 

A Multiple Offers Snippet is a Snippet that showcases various, different products. 

Unlike a Comparison Set Snippet, a Multiple Offers Snippet does not compare the same product at various merchants. Instead, a Multiple Offers Snippet displays various products at either the same merchant, or at different merchants. 

There are many use cases for how Multiple Offers Snippets can be optimized. To name a few:

You can use this Snippet to showcase trending products.

Top Products you Need for Spring 2024

You can use it to let your audience know about great deals from a merchant.

Best Deals at Walmart This Week

It can also be used to show any related products that are relevant to the content you are creating.

Soccer Products & Accessories I Love

And, depending on the platform you're using, it may be more space-efficient to use one Multiple Offers Snippet instead of creating one snippet for each product.

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